Ever wanted to drop everything, hop on your vehicle and never look back? If your answer is yes, reading this will get you to take the first step.

Solar energy has become not only our best friend when it comes to saving money but also when searching for occasional freedom and complete independence from traditional energy systems.

Let’s go over the best things that the autonomy of a solar-powered RV offers and what options there are to obtain it.

Why Would Anyone Want to Drive Away In an RV and Never Look Back?

Unfortunately, we have normalized sitting in an office job for 8 hours a day, sometimes with no fresh outside air or, even worse, with no pretty windows to look out from. Feeling enclosed and, at times, trapped encourages us to explore our surrounding nature and travel, even if it’s just for a single day. 

In the past decade, it has become increasingly popular for people to venture into que life-on-wheels life. They either work remotely or drop everything to give their lives a full 180 degrees turn. 

Having the freedom to leave whenever you want without worrying about where you are going, where to stop, and how to power your everyday essentials is actually possible. And if you cannot give yourself a break from work, yes, with a solar-powered RV, you would be able to charge your laptop and your work phone.

How Does a Solar-Powered RV Function?

It might sound complicated to have an entire energy system that powers your RV’s electric demands, from charging your portable devices and cooking appliances to a water heater or pump. Still, in reality, it is more straightforward than it seems with TBB Power for example. The only thing you need is sun, photovoltaic panels, a power source to store the energy absorbed, and an RV with electricity needs. 

Let us write it down a bit more clearly. How it works is that the solar panels are initially located on the RV’s roof. It is essential to mention that there are portable solar panel options to unfold and fold whenever you please without having to install them on your roof. 

The energy absorbed in direct current is then turned into alternating current, which is the type of current our home appliances need and the type of current that comes out of our home outlets. The energy is then passed on to whatever system you have, and it could be a solar generator or a solar battery. There are different kinds of options to store the energy; whichever you choose depends on your needs.

Finally, the energy system is ready to be used by simply plugging in the electric appliances or devices that need to be powered. Remember that you don’t necessarily have to use the energy then and there. These systems are designed to save energy, making it available whenever you desire.

As you see, powering your RV needs isn’t complicated; on the other hand, it is simple, economical, and eco-friendly.

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Why Is a Solar-Powered RV Better Than an RV with Traditional Energy Systems?

Back in the day, we were used to carrying that enormous fuel generator, which not only took up a ton of space in your already packed RV but also had to make space and carry with those fuel tanks. Very impractical, too bulky, and overall inconvenient. And let us not forget the necessary stop at the gas station to refill the tanks. Can it be any more inconvenient? Well, yes, it can, because on top of that, it not only means that you need to spend more on fuel, but you are also polluting the planet. 

Overall, we can agree that this entire fuel generator situation is horrible all around. Here is where solar-powered systems come to save the day or, better said, your day.

What Is Better for an Autonomous RV: a Solar Generator or a Solar Battery?

Each one has their up and downs, and which one is better will depend on which one adapts better to your RV needs. A generator allows you to generate energy constantly without having to worry about it ending and also will enable you to store energy for later use. A battery, well, we already know how a battery works. Usually, a battery is the most common option for RVs, camping, and on-the-road applications. 

What Capacity Solar Panels Do You Need?

Just like the generator and the battery, this will depend on what you want it for and the amount of energy you want to demand from them. Various solar panel capacities conveniently adapt to your RV needs, whether to charge your laptop and phones or to power absolutely everything you possibly could like in a house. The benefit of these systems is that they can be expanded, so if you initially thought you wanted to only travel on the weekend and then realized you wanted to travel full-time, then you can easily add more solar panels to suffice your RV demands.


All in all, we recommend you take that leap of faith and know that a solar-powered RV can bring the autonomy you want, not only economically but also from a traditional lifestyle. Solar energy has arrived and is here to stay. So, take advantage of this, and allow solar energy to be your infallible travel buddy, whether they are sporadic or not.


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