Best Robotics Classes For Kids Online? What Are The Options?

The post-COVID-19 world is going berserk when it comes to soft and hard skills. Computers, artificial intelligence and robots are taking over jobs that were traditionally fulfilled by humans. In today’s world, as the saying goes, anything that humans can do, machines can replicate, and in most cases are better at it than humans.

Best Online Coding Classes for Kids

Robotics is one of the areas big companies like Honda are focusing on; there have been reports about entire hotels run by robots. This makes robotics the skill of the future, and if we don’t put our kids at the forefront of this learning curve, we will be in for a shock by the time they grow up. Without further ado, let’s dive into the options available for your kids’ learning experience.

Tekkie Uni, the best online robotics class for a kid

Tekkie University has taken a new approach to online classes merging the classic teaching method with teachers and the online learning modules. The idea is to provide children with an inclusive environment where the students can learn from the best teachers online.

As it may be evident from the name, Tekkie courses are structured in a mixed pattern that replicates that of a university and an online teaching portal. Tekkie Robotics courses used three dimensional (3D) virtual robots to help kids learn how to program. The practice is much similar to a flight simulator where learners get to fly a virtual aeroplane for their learning experience without setting their foot in one. The 3D robots serve as a mock-up of original robots already in existence or could be available to the masses in the future.

Tekkie university course covers the basic aspect of robotic programming, teaching kids’ how to use the if/else commands, various programming loops, programming variables and random commands. The program also teaches about the sensors, including the touch and colour sensors. Other teaching areas include the gyroscope, the tachometer and more.

Students get access to a learning environment that’s based on Blockly. Blockly is a block-based programming language that, in combination with java, is used to program virtual 3D Robots operated in a simulator environment. The classes then finally take the student to real robot sets through small projects.

ID Tech, a good option for robotics summer camps

ID tech is another go-to place when it comes to learning robotics online, but the company largely follows the on-campus summer camp and coding camp-style over the online modules. Online modules are available for ages seven to nineteen.

The website offers various different courses and private lessons that include basic to advanced coding classes. These classes are available not only to a single person but also to groups of four, eight or twelve students as private sessions.

At present, there are about six robotics and coding courses available for the seven to nineteen age groups. Kids’ learn and apply coding, robotics, game development, creative method, maths, javascript, micro:bit, robotics algorithms and artificial intelligence using the Sphero RVR robot. The final beginner to advanced course teaches hands-on robotics and coding with Sphero bolt.

Udemy, still a good website to learn robotics for a kid

Last but not least, Udemy is a famous online learning resource with not hundreds but thousands of courses available not only to kids but also to elders. Udemy also presents a few online courses that would guide kids through the basics of robotics to the advanced programming on python using an inclusive virtual environment.

The environment is self-paced, which means that the students would not be able to learn directly from a teacher as compared to Tekkie university or other such options. Udemy courses are really cheap, but a parent can take them as an activity that they would like to do with their child. In this manner, not only the child but parents also get to learn the basics of robotics and programming standards required in robotics.

Yes, learning robotics online for a kid is possible

Robotics is already a thriving industry and the sooner your child gets familiar with the concept the better it would be for you and your child’s future. Although robotics is relatively new, if you are not a parent who wants to learn robotics with their kid, Tekkie is the best option available to most parents. The inclusive environment where teachers are present to guide students nurtures the natural curiosity in kids and enables them to take the next steps.

If you are not very keen on letting your children take their steps alone then Udemy courses would be the best option where you learn the same things your child is learning and then teach them as well. You can also take ID tech course for your child allowing them to learn in a controlled environment.

We strongly believe that Tekkie university is a hassle-free way to allow your children to learn robotics at a very young age. This would allow them to meet the future of the world at part right from the very beginning of their education.


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