Codakid review and pricing. Is it better than Tekkie Uni?

Coding, simply, is computer programming that makes us control the computer and build its language. Unlike other subjects, this one, in particular, is more creative and dynamic in nature. Coding is not just a theoretical subject; rather, it is a skill-based course with many of its benefits, alongside learning to code itself. It is now being taught to kids as well, and the results surprisingly have been amazing.

Best Online Coding Classes for Kids

Kids at their age love to experiment and discover things that evoke their curiosity. Coding has proved itself to be approachable to all kids, regardless of their age and interests. It is relevant to everyone and provides each kid with a space to exhibit their talent. These unique benefits that come alongside learning coding are really appreciable and motivating for both the parents and kids. With the number of gains that come with coding, it is highly recommended that kids begin coding with online assistance.

Online classes are the best source for kids to begin their coding journey. It is way more fun and interactive than the coding sessions that take place in schools. To learn coding online, particularly for kids of small age groups, Tekkie uni and Codakid are preferred. Both of the websites offer exclusive courses, yet Tekkie uni stands out more, as we shall see by the comparison below.

What is Codakid and does it work?

Codakid is an online platform and learning website that offers different computer programming courses and related classes. It aims to introduce kids to basic programming languages like Java and make them efficient in using social media applications like youtube, Facebook, etc.

Their basic motive behind the creation of Codakid is that kids must be familiarized with the instruments of the digital world. They must be prepared and acquainted with adequate assistance to help them make their way in the virtual world. This is the purpose behind this initiative, and so far, they have been successful to a certain extent.

Like every trustable organization, this educational institute does not compromise on the quality of the courses being offered and hires truly professional staff. Both the management team and the instructors are experienced and talented, putting out their best efforts for your kids’ guidance. Yet, the learning software and additional programs they suggest lack the standard provided by other websites such as Tekkie uni.

Their official website, learning videos, online resources and application designing software are not updated and as excellent as others. They have put more focus on games and similar ways of teaching, as a result neglecting the proper way of introducing kids to coding. For beginners, it is essential to provide them with the building blocks that comprise the subject of coding. Some professional atmosphere and formal way of delivering information are necessary, as the kids need to compete with the students who have learned coding the regular way; in schools.


Codakid vs Tekkie Uni. Our honest review.

While Tekkie Uni is better in performance and upgrading your kids’ skill set in the world of programming, with playful activities, Tekkie Uni is more academic in nature as well and gives the kids double advantages. Tekkie Uni is also more easily accessible as compared to Codakid, the main reason considering its web-based software.

For Codakid, there is the additional requirement of installing software alongside the need to connect with their official website. More emphasis is put on playing games and art than instilling the fundamental knowledge regarding coding in kid’s minds. These are considered the main drawbacks that takeTekkie Uni above the current level of Codakid as a learning website. Also, another factor that is concerning for the parents is that a team of engineers are teaching their kids.

Little kids need love and care at every step to make them more confident and interested in whatever they are doing. Teachers are trained to be more caring and conscious of kids’ needs, which is why we prefer Tekkie uni. It is similar to Codakid in many ways, yet the instructors are trained teachers accustomed to the classroom environment.

Codakid , a complicated approach to kids and coding

Codakid offers more complicated and intricate courses, which is a worrisome factor for parents. They have coding professionals that teach them to use such tools as are used by bigger companies. Youngsters should first get used to the primary and simple information and then move forward to such technical methods. Tekkie Uni is more kid-friendly in this regard as the courses they offer are less burdensome and do not pressurize the kids to absorb high-tech knowledge.

Tekkie Uni is a wonderful space for kids to exercise their creative abilities and learn coding basics the right way. It is way more affordable, professional and has more options to choose from. They bring easiness for the parents to choose as the courses are divided by different age groups, and not the subject matter as in the case of Codakid. Tekkie Uni gives children of every academic background and passion for stepping forward and exploring themselves through this opportunity. Their encouragement is generous, and they give freedom to every kid to experiment with coding.

Meanwhile, Codakid is restrictive in their approach as they only offer complex courses for kids specifically inclined to create apps and games. Instead of forming a strong foundation of their coding expertise, they consider those kids who can use more specialized tools.

Tekkie Uni, a more kid-friendly option

Tekkie Uni, with its educational approach, seems to be winning over Codakid in many aspects. Codakid is not for every kid and parent as well, as parents have to be able to afford a high-quality PC and specific software installed in it. Their courses do not even run on Chromebook which is highly problematic for users.

Tekkie Uni courses are full of comforting plus points, counting the fact that their videos can be played every time. While Codakid stands back because it teaches in real-time, not reliable for the kids who lose focus easily. Codakid, unlike Tekkie Uni, is not suitable for kids because their courses are too difficult to comprehend for some kids. Tekkie Uni is an award-winning website, and Codakid lags behind with a lack of achievements. Parental reviews and kid’s responses also make Tekkie Uni the winning club as they enable kids with more confidence with a cooperative and ideal learning environment.


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