Tekkie Uni Reviews: Is It the Best Course for Your Kid to Learn to Code?

The advantages of learning to code are now far too many to be overlooked. As a result, there has been an increase in the demand for kid-friendly coding platforms and coding courses. There are dozens of platforms today, including the popular Tekkie Uni.

eTeacher Group’s Tekkie Uni is a unique, student-friendly platform that offers a variety of coding courses to assist individuals in getting started in the world of coding. They provide online courses, lesson plans, and personalized video sessions to help children improve their fundamental coding knowledge.

Best Online Coding Classes for Kids

What is Tekkie Uni?

The eTeacher Group, an international corporation that manages premier virtual schools worldwide, developed Tekkie Uni, a virtual school. It was created in 2000 and has over 20 years of expertise running a large-scale online teacher-led program for children and adults.

Tekkie Uni is the first interactive online coding firm that employs real-life teachers that use innovative teaching methods to simulate all of the advantages of a live classroom from the comfort of your own home.
The company’s fundamental teaching principles are teacher-led classes, project-based learning, and teamwork.

Their teachers have a lot of expertise dealing with kids and go through a lot of training where they learn innovative ways to interest kids by integrating a game with the actual project development.

Tekkie Uni is our number one pick for your kids to learn coding

How Does it Work?

Project-based learning is combined with live classes delivered by expert teachers in the Tekkie Uni approach. Students can instantly access future classes, classmates, the most recent forum postings, and more when they log in to their private personalized homepage.

As a result, students are kept informed and interested at all times. They can also participate in the weekly real-time class from there. Students may share screens and talk with their teacher and peers throughout the class using Tekkie Uni’s sophisticated interactive capabilities.

Students have access to recorded classes, so they can watch them at any time if they want to watch the session again or have missed the class. To provide a more detailed learning experience, TekkieUni hosts a weekly live Q&A session with a senior staff member who assists students who want further assistance and those who want to improve by focusing on personal projects.

Students may use Tekkie Uni forums to discuss ideas and improve their creative-thinking abilities with their teachers and peers. Their customer service and technical support are available 24/7, so students can contact them with any questions they may have.

Is It the Best Course for Your Kid to Learn Coding?

Tekkie Uni believes that producing something of your own is the greatest approach to learning something new and developing a desire for it.

That is why the company encourages students to create meaningful projects and take charge of the project from start to finish.

With time and progress, the exercises become increasingly individualized and complex. Advanced students select their projects and plan their execution on their own. Tekkie courses have provided a safe environment for students to build trust and confidence.

The online courses are effective, and it allows children to exercise their talents in a flexible manner. It provides enough direction and an appropriate environment for their development. While studying coding and digital art, kids collaborate to develop amazing apps, code virtual 3-D robots, and edit films.

Tekkie Uni provides a weekly lesson to provide consistency and encourage students to perform. All classes are live-streamed, automatically recorded, and archived online until the course is completed.

Every student is welcomed to the Q&A sessions throughout the practice hour, where they may ask questions, practice, and talk with other TekkieUni students. Instructors can respond to inquiries either verbally or through live chat.

The courses are incredibly well-constructed, and the teachers are all experts in their respective fields, providing excellent instruction and assistance. They communicate well and are familiar with each student’s learning ability and fundamental preferences.

Tekkie Uni makes use of WebEx, a basic video-conferencing application with a pleasant user interface. The software is extremely similar to Skype; however, the teacher does not enable student cameras during lessons.

Avoiding the necessity for students to be visually exposed, according to the business, helps to create a more comfortable and confident learning atmosphere. This assists in focusing attention on the teacher and the content. Students can utilize the chat or talk into the microphone.

Tekkie Uni is our number one pick for your kids to learn coding

Fee Structure

The registration price is $35 and is refundable, making it very reasonable and practical for everyone. After the trial session, the entire pricing structure per course is $74 for nine months. The fundamental language is English, and there are two hours each week dedicated to it: one hour for lecture and one hour for practice.


The registration price is $35 and is refundable, making it very reasonable and practical for everyone. After the trial session, the entire pricing structure per course is $74 for nine months. The fundamental language is English, and there are two hours each week dedicated to it: one hour for lecture and one hour for practice.

They teach students the coding principles in style comparable to how leading organizations such as Intel, IBM, and Microsoft do. Tekkie Uni offers synchronized online classes for kids to learn coding at home and an interesting programming course for schools.
The new Tekkie Uni online coding classes are designed for kids of all ages and levels of coding expertise. A multi-year curriculum follows a tried-and-true approach to deliver high-quality coding instruction.

The workshops encourage involvement in creative coding projects and are based on an experiential approach. Their courses consist of three levels:

Level 1 – Build Your First App

At Tekkie Uni, the junior year is focused on creating a student’s first game and app. Individuals will study and build both games and applications during their junior year, covering the MyFirstApp and MyFirstGame components.
Students will learn how to turn an idea into an app, how to utilize software solutions, how to construct interfaces, how to integrate different objects, animations, and audio, and how to employ mathematical functions in order to become an app developer.

Level 2 – Upgrade Your App

It is all about making the student’s applications smarter and better in their sophomore year. In their sophomore project, students will use all of the approaches and abilities they have learned and developed over the course of the year to their second app.
Tekkie Uni focuses on more sophisticated app-making abilities, such as web apps, smart coding approaches, game design, graphics, and basic database tasks. At this stage, the student will know the basics.

Level 3 – Include Creative Elements in Your App

At the senior level, students will learn how to design for mobile devices, improve the user experience, and publish their new sophisticated apps as real-life startup teams do.

They will learn technical skills and character traits like creativity, patience, and social awareness that are necessary for successful teamwork.

Tekkie Uni also offers a variety of courses for students of all ages and levels of expertise, ranging from building a YouTube channel, app development, STEAM courses, and advanced coding languages such as Java and Python.


Coding will be a necessary talent in the future, and teaching your children to code can help them develop their creativity and self-discipline and acquire access to a stable, well-paying career.

Tekkie Uni is the ideal programming language for kids just starting and those who already know to code. Their coding allows students to create interactive apps and games. Enroll your child in Tekkie Uni online coding classes to teach them how to code.

They can learn coding from a qualified and experienced specialist through live online sessions no matter where they reside. In order to teach a child to code, enrolling in Tekkie Uni’s live online classes is the best option since they give an organized learning route and defined learning objectives.

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