Tekkie Uni Reviews & pricing. Should your kid give it a shot?

Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped our world, for better or for worst; that is something only time can tell. Still, when it comes to education, the pandemic has opened up new horizons for students, and when we talk about students, we mean all kinds of students, from doctorate students to toddlers alike.

Best Online Coding Classes for Kids

What is Tekkie Uni?

Tekkie Uni is such a unique and student-friendly platform that offers multiple coding courses that could help students start their journey in the world of coding. As per the subject requirements, they provide online modules with a free trial, lesson plans and individual video sessions that can build the basic knowledge of kids.

The online system is reliable not only because it gives the kids freedom to exercise their abilities in a flexible way. But, because it offers sufficient guidance and the correct atmosphere which can enhance their growth. Small groups allow the students to learn from one another as well as be communicative in their approach.

When we say that Tekkie Uni is a dynamic institute, we mean that it allows the students to express their needs in many ways. Out of all the options out there, we believe Tekkie Uni is the best online coding class for kids. It gives space to each student and shows special consideration towards their passions and hobbies. Many students love games, some are artists, and some are literature enthusiasts. Considering all the diverse areas of motivation for students mentioned above, Tekkie uni emphasises improving their learning sessions.

They are interactive, fun and creative, enabling the students to utilise their imagination and other inborn skills. Learner based approach helps push the students in the right direction of forming self-expression through coding. Their abilities are polished as they make their way towards learning to code and expressing their unique selves.

We would recommend learning coding through Tekkie Uni’s assistance because it is a trustable organisation with a sophisticated set of guidelines that the management follows. At Tekkie Uni, they believe in proper guidance, feedback and support, taking their students to another level of confidence.

Why is Tekkie Uni a great choice for your kid?

The instructors are trained exclusively in their respective fields of teaching so that error-free work is generated on both sides. They have efficient communication skills and know each student’s learning capacity and basic preferences. The staff is highly competent and knowledgeable about the values that are incorporated in Tekkie Uni’s manifesto. Strict supervision is done under which the performed activities are observed and rated.

This is how the quality of the learning environment is maintained while online learning. Another plus point that adds to the charisma of Tekkie Uni as an educational space is that it is not burdensome for kids. Kids get distracted easily, and it is relatively difficult for them to focus on one thing for a long time. Secondly, they need unfamiliar ways to get introduced to the topics, to get their conscious working.

Tekkie Uni understands the variety of concerns regarding teaching kids and takes full responsibility for taking care of their needs. No homework is given to the juniors; in addition, creative and artistic ways are used to encourage them to take part in the learning process. These include group work, small projects and creative activities that allow the students to progress at a better pace. Interactive teaching is present, which leaves room for the exchange of questions and student queries at the end of each session.

This helps resolve most of their confusion at the spot and enhance their problem-solving capabilities. They are allowed to take things according to their capacities and absorb knowledge without any need to rush.

As mentioned before, the courses offered at Tekkie Uni are flexible according to the student requirements. It takes into consideration the time span, working materials, technical equipment and interests of the kids and recommends them the relevant course. There is a multitude of courses being offered currently at Tekkie Uni available for children of all age groups.

Flexible learning

Alongside compulsory courses, electives are also offered, which maximise student growth in their most progressive areas. They are introduced to the latest programs, including app development and usage, website development, coding languages and other skills like learning animation. In this way, each student gets to experience their creative side and explore the most recent developments in the digital world.

There are courses that help the students gain independence as they become proficient in managing their youtube channels and channelising their social media presence. Along with this wide range of courses, they offer guidelines to help kids develop an interest in coding. Online staff is available at all times, ready to satisfy any customer or parental concerns that may arise when they get introduced to Tekkie Uni.

Fee structure

If we talk about the price and overall expense, then it is quite reasonable. The registration fee is $71, which is refundable, making it quite appreciable and convenient for all. The overall fee structure per course (9 monthly sessions) is also $71 after the trial session ends. The basic language is English and the hours dedicated per week 2 in total.

So, this is how Tekkie Uni can be declared a trustable website to learn coding with a high rating and satisfied customer reviews. Both the kids and their parents have confirmed the excellence of course procedures and their fulfilling results.

Just like that, Tekkie Uni provides our children with a safe space for exhibiting their creative abilities and be a part of the digital world by becoming creators themselves. It provides an encouraging atmosphere that motivates the students to overcome their mistakes in a playful way. It trains the kids to battle the upcoming hurdles in getting accustomed to technology and the digital lifestyle.


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