Codemonkey reviews. Who is this for and how to get started?

Coding is a prerequisite for jobs like software development. Due to the global scarcity of software engineers, learning to code can be a way to tap into the field.
Every website, smartphone app, computer software, calculator, and even microwave relies on code to function. Hence, coders are the digital age’s architects and constructors.

Allowing your children to learn to code can assist in broadening their horizons and lay a solid base for them to understand technology better in the future.

Furthermore, numerous institutions have introduced platforms that provide thorough and entertaining courses to help children understand coding. Codemonkey is one of them. They have courses that suit your child’s learning style, whether they like to study alone or with a team.

Best Online Coding Classes for Kids

What is Codemonkey?

Created in 2014, Codemonkey is an online platform to teach coding to children. Moreover, it has a vast range of games, and related applications are available to ignite further interest in children and motivate them.

At Codemonkey, they strive to give the highest quality services to both children and their parents. Therefore, they select the most entertaining and creative methods for capturing a child’s attention.

Additionally, this platform focuses on helping children to learn the most up-to-date coding skills while also allowing them to be creative. However, their website’s main layout is best suited for students in elementary and middle schools.

The platform provides a fun and engaging curriculum for schools, after-school groups, camps, and self-learning online coding classes.

How Does Codemonkey Work?

The student needs to log in to their Codemonkey account to begin using it. Codemonkey consists of a game in which a gorilla has stolen the Monkey’s bananas, and it is up to the students to get them back.
Each level in Codemonkey instructs the monkey to collect all of the bananas in that stage. The student will get three stars if they accomplish everything correctly.

However, the programming language taught in Codemonkey’s game is CoffeeScript which is not as extensively used as other coding languages. Nonetheless, the game gives a thorough introduction to basic programming ideas and code structure.

Students navigate through a colorful map consisting of procedural coding tasks to assist a monkey in retrieving its missing bananas. Each new level adds a new piece of code or a new function to the game.

Codemonkey’s team of gaming, technology, and pedagogy specialists set out to change traditional learning methods. They create solutions that emphasize user participation and experience to make learning more enjoyable.

Codemonkey Pricing Plans

You will need a computer with a mouse and keyboard to use Codemonkey’s course plans. On the other hand, the more advanced classes in their Dodo Does Math and Coding Adventure courses can be viewed on an iPad, but the more difficult lessons require a mouse and keyboard.

Aside from that, make sure your browser Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, or Safari is up to date and that you have a good internet connection.

Codemonkey Plan for Teachers

Teachers can purchase the Codemonkey plan as a Custom School Plan or a Custom District Plan. The package plan is customized according to the needs of different schools.

All features include a classroom dashboard, online support, solutions for all exercises, video tutorials, Codemonkey hour of code courses, automatic grading, and lesson plans.

On the other hand, if the school opts for the Flex Plan, they will be able to reuse student licenses many times during their subscription.

As for the Custom School Plan, an unlimited number of instructors can construct their customized classroom profiles.

To purchase or know the pricing of these plans, you will have to visit the Codemonkey website and click ‘Get a Quote.’ You would then have to fill out the form with the required details.

Codemonkey Plans for Parents

Parents can choose between two sorts of plans to use at home. To help introduce or learn more about coding, they can choose between the Individual Plan and the Family Plan.

These plans are available as monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions.

Individual Plan

In the Individual Plan, you will have access to one kid account and one parent account. With the Development Tracking feature, you will be able to observe your child’s progress and have access to online help.


  • Monthly: $10 per month
  • Quarterly: $8 per month
  • Yearly: $5 per month

Family Plan

The Family Plan allows up to three children and one adult to share an account. You will get access to each child’s Progress Tracking tool and Codemonkey’s online help.


  • Monthly: $20 per month
  • Quarterly: $15 per month
  • Yearly: $10 per month

Fees paid to Codemonkey are non-refundable. After signing up, you will have unrestricted access to the app for your membership period.

If you opt to cancel your Codemonkey membership, you will still have access to the application until your subscription period ends.

Codemonkey Alternative

Tekkie Uni is a structured course where students and professional tech instructors communicate live through chat, audio, video, and screen-sharing. They stand out in quality, content, team expertise, and overall rating.

The online platform is ideal for children and teenagers aged 7 to 17 who work best in a group setting. At the same time, courses recommended by Codemonkey can be too challenging for some individuals to understand.

Students will learn how to construct their applications and games throughout each two-hour live session. They will learn various topics ranging from fundamental programming using drag-and-drop software to writing virtual 3D robots.

Tekkie Uni provides complete assistance to students. The platform allows students to contact teachers, engage in live question and answer sessions, share their screens with teachers if they get stuck on an activity, and replay courses.

Students can also take advantage of weekly hour-long sessions. During this session, students can focus on their interests and projects.

On the other hand, the Codemonkey game is not well-suited for self-learning students. Without direction, children may become irritated and lose interest in the game as a learning tool.

Tekkie Uni takes the forefront in coding, as proven by numerous reviews and user experiences. Because of several updates, it outperforms all of its competitors, including Codemonkey.

Though coding is a subject that adults can understand, there is a requirement for certainty in specific areas at the kid level, which Codemonkey overlooks.


The optimal age to introduce children to coding is in their early elementary years. Many excellent coders began learning when they were 5 or 6 years old.

By teaching children to think rationally and develop a problem-solving attitude, they will be able to comprehend complicated coding ideas in the future.

Many internet resources are available to assist kids in learning to code, including websites, articles, and videos.

However, if these learning resources are provided in one location, kids will find it much more convenient. Hence, platforms such as Tekkie Uni and Codemonkey are recommended to students.

Tekkie Uni is a respected institution that offers high-quality teaching classes to children. They put a high priority on each individual and encourage them to pursue their goals.

It appears to be edging over Codemonkey’s educational approach. Nevertheless, the Codemonkey gamified learning experience has its own advantages, especially for beginners.


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