Codemonkey reviews. Who is this for and how to get started?

Coding, as we know, is a skill related to computer programming that enables us to create applications, software, and website content. It is a very diverse field where there is plenty of room for creativity and inventiveness. Coding is such a subject that can be taught not only to adults at a higher level but also to kids at a very basic level. This adds to its charm and makes it a highly useful way for everyone to express their unique selves. This is why the trend of learning coding has been spreading quite rapidly across the globe, as a multidimensional skill that enhances our knowledge related to computer programs and polishes our other abilities.

Best Online Coding Classes for Kids
Coding gives us power over computers and makes us command them in a way that can prove to be pretty valuable. We get hold of the world of digital programming, and it makes us expand our horizons in ways we never thought were possible. We rise as beings capable of being creators and using coding to dive into the depths of the virtual world. So, coding is very much applicable in our life as a part of the integrated age.

What is Codemonkey and how does it work?

Codemonkey is an online website designed especially for kids of lower age groups to help them learn coding the fun way. There is a wide variety of games and similar applications available that can build kids’ interest and motivate them further. At Codemonkey, they aim to provide the best quality services that would satisfy both the kids and their guardians. They choose the most fun and unique ways to capture kids’ attention.

Kids that get enrolled are given proper assistance, and their projects are supervised under special care. On the surface, the performance of Codemonkey as a learning institution seems perfect, but that is not the case which will be confirmed further. Codemonkey focuses on enabling the kids to understand the latest coding techniques while allowing them to be creative at the same time. But the overall interface of the website appears to be designed for very young children.

The academic style of teaching that is a necessity is not focused upon; rather, games are presented as the highlighted feature. In addition, Codemonkey does not take into account the importance of teachers giving feedback in a friendly way. There is a scoreboard and automatic grading system, which is not as effective when we compare it with live evaluation by the teachers. There comes

Codemonkey vs Tekkie Uni, what option should you pick?

Online sources are considered credible when we talk about learning coding through their help. Many online resources are present, be it websites, articles, videos, to help kids learn the art of coding. But, if all of these learning materials become available in one space, that can be much more convenient for the students.

This is why online platforms like Tekkie Uni and Codemonkey are recommended when the subject of coding comes to mind. These online platforms offer a multitude of learning materials at a singular place, which is quite praise-worthy.

Not only do the kids and their parents get to enjoy the experience while sitting at their home, but they avail all these benefits easily. Moving forward, we’re going to make a slight comparison to inform you about what is the most suitable choice for learning to code efficiently. This will help you differentiate and select the best institution for your kids.

It has been proved from many reviews and user experiences that Tekkie Uni takes the lead in the world of coding. It leaves behind all its competitors like Codemonkey because of many upgrades. Though coding is a subject understandable by adults as well, at the kids level, there needs to be a surety regarding certain matters, which is overlooked by Codemonkey.

Tekkie Uni, a more tailored-made approach to coding

Here, if we talk about Tekkie Uni, then they give comprehensive and personalized feedback, which further aids the kids to move in the right direction. Their counselling sessions are recognized as more productive and informative according to the general response.

Tekkie Uni is a similar platform that offers coding classes for kids of all age groups. But they stand out in terms of quality, provided material, staff capability and overall rating. While Tekkie Uni gives the freedom to everyone to come and learn coding without any restriction of a specific educational background. While the courses Codemonkey suggests may be too difficult for some kids to understand and grasp.

Tekkie Uni, a more kid-friendly option

Tekkie Uni, with its educational approach, seems to be winning over Codakid in many aspects.It is one of the undeniable leader to learn coding for kids. Codakid is not for every kid and parent as well, as parents have to be able to afford a high-quality PC and specific software installed in it. Their courses do not even run on Chromebook which is highly problematic for users.

Tekkie Uni courses are full of comforting plus points, counting the fact that their videos can be played every time. While Codakid stands back because it teaches in real-time, not reliable for the kids who lose focus easily. Codakid, unlike Tekkie Uni, is not suitable for kids because their courses are too difficult to comprehend for some kids. Tekkie Uni is an award-winning website, and Codakid lags behind with a lack of achievements. Parental reviews and kid’s responses also make Tekkie Uni the winning club as they enable kids with more confidence with a cooperative and ideal learning environment.

Beginner and avdanced levels for kids

The kids who are starters and are present at a beginning level can not comprehend such advanced levels of knowledge. They face difficulty understanding the lessons and are not given as much care as kids their age need while learning. Meanwhile, the kids who are already proficient in certain coding skills feel that the courses are going at a relatively slower pace. This ignores their capacity to learn at a fast speed and hinders them from moving forward as they should.

While Tekkie Uni takes into consideration all these points and designs lessons that are compatible with each student’s needs and abilities. The courses at Tekkie Uni are more simplified, kid-friendly and appropriate for everyone. While there are much more dense concepts being taught at Codemonkey, which are not graspable at such a tender age.

This is why Tekkie Uni is a much more reputable organization that provides the best quality teaching lessons to kids. They prioritize every individual and give them a push towards the right course. It is much more reasonable economically and has had satisfied reviews throughout its years of teaching young kids.

On the other hand, Codemonkey is an authentic online source through which kids can enter professional coding. But the necessary care is not put first, which should be the case while dealing with kids. Gaming programs give remarks about the performance of kids, which is not encouraging enough. It is not as easily accessible as Tekkie Uni because it requires technical help and assistance to be able to use it properly. There are pre-recorded lessons that are not an adequate way of teaching kids, so they should be presented to a group of students. Tekkie Uni features live teaching sessions which are most suited and supportive for our young ones.


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