Tynker, should you enroll your kid? Our review

Coding is a way of communicating with a computer system and an effort to improve its functioning. We formulate a set of commands, and the computer follows in order to carry out our tasks. We are basically creating a language through which we can get our computerized work done faster and better. This is why coding is a very effective route through which everyone can accomplish their goals.

tynker review

Application and website designing has been a target of many of us, and through coding, we can give shape to our dream projects. Coding is a dynamic tool that is not just for adult learners but kids as well. It is better to teach at a young age to help them excel when they grow up. The upcoming world is totally reliant on technology and computer programming.

This is why by training our kids today, we can make it easier for them to tackle future advancements in this field. There are multiple sources and educational institutions currently functioning and offering their best courses to teach coding to kids. But as per the general reviews, online classes have been more successful in conducting systematic and effective learning sessions.

Online websites like Tekkie Uni and Tynker provide us with the facility to teach our kids coding in a quick manner. But even out of these websites, Tekkie Uni stands as the most reliable source accepted by most parents and children. We will make a contrast between the two most well-known institutions and bring light to certain factors, which make Tekkie Uni the winning club.

What is Tynker and how can your kid learn with it?

Tynker is an online website that offers coding courses for kids of age groups ranging from 8-15. Tynker aims at creating a friendly space for little kids to develop their interest in coding. They give the children fun activities, and through animated clips, they arouse their curiosity. They also claim to enhance kids’ problem solving and thinking capabilities with the help of different games and exercises.

Their way of teaching basically is composed of story lessons, and they deliver their lectures in a way stories are narrated. This looks like an unacademic way of teaching and distractive towards kids as their attention may divert towards the story instead of the actual information being instructed.

A quick review on Tynker

Tynker gives certain challenges to kids who have been reviewed as intimidating and difficult for some kids. On the opposite, other websites like Tekkie Uni focus more on interactive assessment sessions, which are more educational. While Tynker challenges trick the kids into thinking they’re passing levels on a game, hindering them from absorbing maximum information and being focused learners.

These may level up their gaming skills but maybe an obstacle towards growing their interest in coding. If we talk about Tekkie Uni, it is more efficient as it offers personalized lesson plans for each student on an individual level. But, Tynker is more suitable for bigger groups of students and more workable in an actual classroom atmosphere. Class groups can be shown informational videos, but if we choose them for kids individually, there might be dissatisfactory outcomes.

Tynker vs Tekkie Uni. Which one is our favorite?

Tekkie Uni, like Tynker, is a website for kids to help them learn coding on many levels. It follows a relatively more practical approach, as it enables the kids to become creators. It teaches them how to handle their social media and create accounts to showcase their talents. These courses are more useful to kids in real life and help them make their name in the future.

This is why Tekkie Uni is preferred over other websites because of its efforts to secure kids’ long-term goals. While websites like Tynker fail in this regard as the lessons they deliver are more bookish and curriculum-based. Their lessons appear to be more complicated for kids of smaller age groups and not designed after taking into consideration their needs. Kids need more playful ways through which they learn and grow, but textbook knowledge may be dull and unexciting for them.

Also, another reason why Tekkie Uni is considered superior to Tynker is that it is for everyone and offers much greater diversity in its courses. While Tynker has a limited set of courses, which are not approachable for kids of different interests and passions. Tynker does not cater to the needs of every kid and does not give them the facility of providing lectures in many different languages.

Also, Tekkie Uni uses different methodologies and integrates fun and new ways of getting kids introduced to fresh topics in their teaching strategy.

On the other hand, Tynker’s courses are delivered through a singular mode and need more variety in terms of teaching styles. Another drawback, which makes Tynker a secondary option, is that it emphasizes more on puzzles and similar activities. These activities might be difficult for some students to solve and demotivate. These complicated games move them away from their real purpose of becoming coding experts. The basics of coding and the methods that are really applicable in programming are not taught as comprehensively as required.

This is why Tekkie Uni beats all other platforms whether we look at the reviews, general responses and the number of skills learned by kids. It gives every kid a protected space in which they are free to use their creative and artistic abilities in the best way possible.

Tynker may not get your kids interested

Tynker, as we speak, does not allow kids to be as creative and inventive as they are possibly capable of. Tekkie Uni is a wonderful organization that encourages everyone, be it their faculty members, instructors, or students. Tynker does not acknowledge the importance of providing the teachers comfort and constant support, which is why they cannot provide the best output. Tynker’s courses are more slow-paced, confining and theoretical. While Tekkie Uni utilizes every way to intrigue the imagination and curiosity of their kids.

They are easily accessible on all devices, more budget-friendly and highly rated, while these conveniences are not available in the case of Tynker. Tynker’s inflexible teaching plans are improper and overly systematic for younger kids.


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