Kid Coding Classes Near Me, Coding Camp Online. What Are The Options?

Coding is an important skill for any kid to master because of the effect of technology and its ever-increasing relevance in molding our environment. Despite its widespread use and growing job opportunities, coding is neglected in schools and is seldom linked with children.

Programming prepares children and teens for future careers in Computer Science and enhances problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities. Coding is a fun method for kids to express their thoughts and ideas.

There is a plethora of free or low-cost coding websites and online workshops available to teach kids. Here are some of the best coding websites for kids who want to learn how to code.

Best Online Coding Classes for Kids

Why online coding classes are better for kids?

Out of the many reasons why school-based learning is rejected in terms of coding is because it does not focus on kids on a personal level.

Each kid is unique and needs special supervision in order to gain their command over the subject, this is even more true about coding. But in schools, large groups of students are taught at the same time, and an equal amount of attention is not given to each and every student.

Coding is not a subject that can be taught following the same patterns of teaching methodologies as other subjects. More than theoretical knowledge, skills, and proper training aids the kids more in their journey.

Schools focus on cramming and textbook knowledge and neglect the requirements of a particular course. There is a lack of personalized tools and gadgets like personal computers. Lab equipment is not enough, and an equal amount of time is not given to each student.

The best online coding classes for kids tend to offer a high level of customization and interactivity with the kid, which helps contribute to that gamification factor so necessary for kids to learn.

Learning coding for a kid should be fun

Another factor can be that school timings can be burdensome for kids and their parents. Along with their compulsory subjects, Kids who are interested in coding can not invest a lot of their time into coding.

Online coding classes are manageable and a source of quick and easy lessons. Kids who are just getting started with coding are much more prone to lose interest.

They also have a little attention span and require new and playful techniques to encourage them in participating. While schools may not be able to come up with such techniques which little kids are more fascinated with.

There are huge numbers of kids, and the instructors can not follow up with each and every one. This may result in a loss of keenness from the side of kids as they are not being pushed individually. This is where online classes come to the rescue, with their unique and up to date ways of teaching and guidance.

Classes online offered by Tekkie Uni have well understood that coding classes for kids should be fun and we would like to recommend this website for any kid between 7 years old and 17 years old

Online classes offer more interactivity with the kid

Online classes are way more interactive than the ones in school, as there is the presence of a microphone and text box. These tools allow the kids to communicate their needs to their teacher on the spot. Coding is an entering gateway for these kids into the digital world, and it can be made much easier if it is made enjoyable for them.

In online coding sessions, there are video clips, games, ebooks and other accessible options. There are recorded lectures, which the kids can enjoy later on according to their preference and schedule. The video lectures and another set of activities are attractive for students, and in a playful manner, they learn to code.

Online setup for classes can also enable the kids to discover themselves and use their creativity. It offers them the freedom to choose whatever intrigues them, i.e. creating an app or opening a youtube channel. School courses are not this flexible in nature, as they have a fixed curriculum to follow from which they can not deviate.

Coding camps and classes near you for your kid 

Like schools, coding camps are not the perfect choice for kids eager towards learning to code. That is because most of the time these camps are organized by private organizations and are not completely reliable.

The parents can not be too sure of the quality of instruction as they are about an online source approved by many. Another factor is that there is a limited time for conducting the camp, and kids can not learn the very basics of coding. Whereas online classes ensure in-depth learning and extensive question-answer sessions which aim at clearing any problems.

Coding camps are also expensive at times as opposed to online courses, which have proved to be quite affordable for many. Online courses also provide the facility of refunding fees whenever the customers have to opt out. This is how online coding sessions are much more reliable in nature and stand out as compared to other resources of learning. They cover a multitude of areas including games, apps, social media tools which allow the kids to grow in a creative manner.

So, these are some of the reasons why we recommend learning coding via online classes, especially for kids. Online classes offer assistance outside the class hours as well, which is appreciable. They allow kids to expand their knowledge and think outside of the box.

This is because they can access other short courses and online help to further go in the right direction. Every child is different, and with online mode, each one can be encouraged individually. It involves more input from the learners’ side; instead of being passive participants, kids try to be more productive and inventive.

Coding camps and classes near you for your kid 

Create and Learn

Create & Learn was created by engineers who previously worked at Apple and Google. It provides one of the best online kid’s coding lessons, including those created by Google and Harvard professors.

Its challenging and enjoyable curriculum provides complete computer science education for students in grades K through 12. Basic, Python, Minecraft coding, robots, AI, and 25+ other computer science topics are available on Create & Learn.

Teachers from the United States instruct students in grades K-12 from all over the world. To guarantee that each student receives adequate attention, each class has a maximum of 5 students.

Students’ creativity and critical thinking abilities are developed through their creativity and critical thinking skills. It enables children to comprehend not just the “what” but also the “how” and “why.” They also provide free STEM seminars and invitation-only events organized by major corporations such as Apple and NASA.

iD Tech

iD Tech has courses throughout the United States that offer in-person and online coding education. For almost two decades, they have been assisting thousands of children in learning to code.
Students acquire vital abilities like problem-solving, critical thinking, and technical knowledge like designing their games, making websites, and generating modifications through iD Tech’s coding training. The lessons are appropriate for children as young as seven years old and as elderly as nineteen years old.

iD Tech is the virtual place to visit to help your child study python and other programming languages, HTML & CSS, game development, and more.


CodaKid is an online coding education and tech camp for kids aged 6 to 15 years old, situated in Scottsdale, Arizona. During the camp, kids are introduced to genuine programming tools and skilled coding languages such as Java, Python, and JavaScript.

CodaKid covers over 15 countries teaching children new digital skills such as constructing coding applications, designing games, and even creating Minecraft mods through their entertaining and engaging courses with live help from engineers.

Furthermore, it provides a variety of beginner to advanced computer programming courses that take 30-60 hours on average with a 14-day free trial. Their objective is to inspire kids’ minds to discover their coding aptitude at an early age, utilizing the same technology that experts do to become future developers, entrepreneurs, and designers.


Codemoji provides a wide range of online coding training for children. It is one of the top coding websites for children, and it lets them practice with an online text editor. Children will be able to use what they have learned to develop a website and animations.

Moreover, their Computer Science course focuses on having fun while teaching children web building and coding. Javascript is the primary programming language, along with HTML and CSS. The online classes will have customized goals for the students depending on their grades and ability level.

Young students may put what they’ve learned to the test with a project-based approach to learning, which helps them build problem-solving and critical thinking abilities while honing effective coding fundamentals.

All of their online class instructors work in school systems, so you can be confident that experts are teaching your child.

Solo Learn

Solo Learn is a great website that offers free coding lessons to individuals of all ability levels. Their website and mobile app may be used to practice coding abilities and understand the foundations.

The “Code Playground” is one of their unique platform features, which allows users to examine code produced by others for exciting projects like mobile chat apps, and text animator courses.
They have millions of students from all around the world, so no matter where you reside, your children may learn whenever they want. Unlike other coding training platforms, Solo Learn offers a crowd-learning function that allows individuals to learn from others.

Coding activities, quizzes, and examinations may be used to reinforce children’s abilities and ensure that they remember what they have learned. Children can receive trophies and points after completing a level or course to keep them engaged.

Students have the option of learning from a variety of well-known languages such as Python, Java, SQL, Javascript, and Ruby.


Tynker provides coding training for children who are absolute beginners in programming. The organization does an excellent job of making programming interesting and easy to learn.

There is no minimum age requirement for their classes, children as young as 6-7 years old can benefit. Almost every coding language has a class available for it.

Using the Tynker platform’s self-paced sessions, children may progress at their rate, and the learning content is tailored to their perceived ability level. Kids may put their learning to the test by completing one of the platform’s suggested coding projects.

Tynker helps kids learn how to code online and get a better STEM education, with millions of students serviced and collaborations with schools worldwide.

Code Academy

Code Academy has created a one-of-a-kind method to educate children on how to code for free. You may choose from various classes based on your child’s interests, depending on what you want them to study or what they are interested in.

Students will learn coding at their own pace, depending on the path they pick and will receive immediate feedback on their code. They give quizzes to test your knowledge and also assist you in putting what you have learned into practice by working on real-world projects.

Web development and computer science, in general, may be taught to children. While there are free coding classes available, more advanced courses can be purchased for a fee.
For children interested in a future in computer science, Code Academy’s PRO path may be well worth the money since they will have access to live advisers and will be able to put their final projects in an online portfolio which would help in the development of a résumé.

Kids 4 Coding

The creators of Kids 4 Coding have a collective of 20 years of expertise in the field. Top colleges such as MIT, GA Tech, Boston University, WBI, Northwestern, and Auburn University recruit the instructors.

Kids aged 7 to 16 may attend a virtual playground for after-school and Saturday sessions to learn about the fast-paced, ever-changing computer industry.

Kids 4 Coding has been recognized as one of Microsoft Azure’s Top Ten Most Innovative Young Start-Ups in its seventh year of operation. The courses are inexpensive and cover various topics, including Java, JavaScript, Scratch Programming, Roblox, Minecraft, and much more.

Wrap Up

The world is changing at a rapid pace, coding has become a really useful talent to have. Coding is being used by a growing number of organizations, not simply those in the technology industry.

A kid who learns to code will have an edge in life, with more job prospects accessible, regardless of whether they want to work in the tech industry, commerce, retailing, health care, or another field.

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