What Are The Best Way To Learn To Code For Kids?

Coding is one of the essential skills that are the demand of the age, whether it be for adults or for children. There are a number of resources out there that claim to be the best when it comes to learning to code. Yet, as per the majority consensus, online resources are deemed best when it comes to learning in general.
Best Online Coding Classes for Kids
As coding is a technology-based subject that requires us to deal with technological equipment several times, online classes are the best for coding as well. These kinds of online sessions are provided by different websites as well, but in a different manner than regular online classes.

Online Classes, The Best WayTo Learn Coding For Kids

Online classes may be offered by schools, but private institutions take the lead in this regard with their unlimited features and full-time access, like Tekkie Uni. Tekkie Uni is widely accepted as the best online source, which can introduce kids to the world of coding. Here, we are going to make a slight comparison to prove why Tekkie Uni stands apart from other online sources in the matter of coding classes. We will bring out general flaws and backdrops which give basis to the claim that other institutions fall short of the category Tekkie Uni stands in.

According to the general parental remarks and responses from kids, online classes have been considered the most reliable in terms of teaching coding. Little kids find online classes less burdensome, more creative, and more fun as compared to other sources. Online classes that are specifically designed for kids ensure that each and every kid gets adequate attention and guidance where they are found lacking.

Online classes are conducted for a short period of time, which is manageable for parents and their kids. They do not require extra effort from the side of kids and give a maximum of two to three lessons per week. This is quite remarkable as kids are able to maintain a healthy balance between school and coding. Students who are interested in arts or other passions are provided with a platform to portray their creative selves. This is why online classes have attained superiority when it comes to coding, especially for kids of small age groups.

Tekkie Uni is a unique and similar institution that provides online coding classes for young kids. It gives out a complete package with an organized set of learning sessions, standardized learning materials, and other tools that help the kids progress at a faster pace. Their courses are designed for learners of every type and taking into consideration their diverse academic backgrounds and interests.

Out of online classes, Tekkie Uni provides the best classes because it encourages everyone to step forward and learn coding without any hesitation. It does not distinguish between its students and monitors every individual’s progress to ease their journey in the future and direct their way in the best manner.

Gamified Apps, A Great Way To Get Started

Whereas, if we take a step ahead and talk about other sources that teach coding, there might be a lot of shortcomings in their systems that are necessary to point out. There are a number of resources that also include gaming applications that are challenging as well as informative for kids. Yet, these gaming applications stand back because their main focus is put on designing attractive interfaces and features rather than productive learning.

Coding apps that use games to activate learning include Daisy the Dinosaur, Scratch, etc., are not as efficient as coding classes. They indulge kids in playful activities that awaken their imagination yet fail to give a concrete introduction to coding. They do not give proper background knowledge, which could actually give the kids a push to make a start. Gaming-based learning surely intrigues kids’ interests, but they do not provide them with coding knowledge which could actually help them excel in the digital world.

Their courses do not give them adequate help in applying the knowledge of coding practically. These courses only give a partial account of coding and move forwards, as opposed to Tekkie Uni’s courses which are self-paced and allow the kids to absorb the information properly. Moreover, these gaming apps lack a wide variety of features that actually help the kids to be more creative and experimental in their approach.

They do not enable them to be a website developer, digital creator, or application designer and basically limit their scope, which is actually well needed for them to pursue coding. The gaming apps try to put out the easiest bits of knowledge but fail to deliver them in a manner actually useful for kids. This is where a loophole is found, as kids are unable to find their way to actual coding and have to confine themselves within a limited set of accessibilities

Coding Camps, Not A Match For Every Kid

It is proved here that coding classes beat all other resources in the matter of teaching coding to kids. Even coding camps are not capable of transferring proper knowledge regarding coding. They are much more expensive and take place for a very extended amount of time. It makes it difficult for kids to grasp information under such pressure and leaves them unsatisfied.

These coding camps are not for everyone, as only advanced level students get to achieve some useful outcome out of them. These camps leave no space for kids to pursue their school education, as they require a full-time commitment and extremely time-consuming sessions. These camps assign tasks to kids as well, which is not possible for them to complete as they get tired easily. Also, coding camps are not accessible throughout the year, so students have to adjust their schedules to attend them, which is quite hectic for them.

Personal Teachers, The Expensive Approach To Coding

It is difficult to find the most suitable course for your kid, as there is minimal assistance from the management. Similarly, personal teachers can not provide the quality knowledge as it is provided in online classes. Personal teachers can teach theoretical and text-based knowledge more proficiently, which does not enable kids to get practical hands-on experience on the subject.

This method of teaching lacks many learning tools and creative methodologies which inspire the kids to produce something of their own. This is why Tekkie Uni secures the highest ranking, as it takes special care of kids’ needs and allows them to grow endlessly.


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