The Best Online Coding Classes for Kids And Why Learn Programming

The generation of today is growing up surrounded by cutting-edge technology that is introduced to them every new day. To keep up with this fast-paced world surrounding them where those who are not acquainted with the new technology will be left far behind, kids and teens need to be aware of and at ease with the latest developments.

Best Online Coding Classes for Kids

Earlier, it was only required for a child to speak the human language, but those times are gone now. In this current age of computers, it is rather a prerequisite for a kid and especially a teen stepping into the practical world to be familiar with computer languages. Python is one of those high-end programming languages and to be well versed in this language from the beginning stages is an unprecedented advantage.

Learning Python comes with the benefit that the learning sessions could be conducted online. With a plethora of online websites offering to teach Python to kids and teens, we have chosen and ranked the top three websites you can use for courses on coding and Python:

  • Tekkie Uni
  • CodaKid
  • Codemonkey

These websites are offering courses that cater to a wide range of age groups may that be Python for kids and Python for teens. These are virtual learning spaces that provide a wide range of game-based, highly interactive courses on the programming language in order to keep the whole instruction engaging and attractive for the appropriate age groups.

While all three of these virtual learning places are efficient and preferable on their own, we will take a detailed look in order to choose the best place for the kids to learn Python and coding.

Tekkie Uni, your best bet for a kid to learn Python

First, let’s take a look at the methodologies employed at Tekkie Uni. Unlike most of the online courses, which do not have a teacher and are instead led by software, Tekkie Uni employs adequately qualified and competent teachers who are firstly required to be aware of the workings of the minds of the individuals they are going to interact with and upon recruiting are required to undertake a thorough training.

Another advantage that the courses of Tekkie Uni have to offer are classes formed on a small number of students. By forming classes with a small number of students, Tekki Uni ensures that qualified and attentive teachers focus upon each child, so no one is left out from the class interaction.

For their curriculum, Tekkie Uni has a thoroughly devised plan that is designed by keeping in view the intellectual capacities of age groups ranging from 8-9 years to late teens such as 17-18-year-olds. With an extensive curriculum plan, Tekki Uni believes in “learning by doing,” during their lessons, pupils are encouraged to work by themselves under the guidance of attentive teachers so that this hands-on experience proves only more beneficial for them. Starting with the basics through Scratch by MIT, the curriculum at Tekkie Uni then levels up to advanced lessons according to the capabilities of the students. Not only is Tekkie Uni our favourite website for a kid to learn Python, it is also the best website for online coding classes all around.

CodaKid, one of the leader to teach a kid Python

After Tekkie Uni, let’s take a dive into the pedagogies of CodaKid, which is another virtual learning space for children to learn programming and its languages. Similar to the rest of the online coding learning places, CodaKid also has a wide range of courses that caters to children of age group usually from 8 to 15 years and teaches through an interactive, game-based approach while being affiliated with popular games such as Roblox and Minecraft.

However, unlike Tekkie Uni, lessons at CodaKid are self-paced, which means they have recorded videos that can be taken anytime by the student and do not have live human instructors. Students’ queries are dealt with through the live support option. This absence of a present live instructor to guide the children of the age group that CodaKid caters to can be seen as a downside for children of ages such as 8-15 requiring the presence of an attentive teacher for constant guidance, especially in an apparently easy but still complex course of coding.

CodeMonkey, an option for kids below 10 years old

Now, let’s move on to CodeMonkey, which is another such online coding learning website for kids and teens. Similar to Tekkie Uni and CodaKid, CodeMonkey also has game-based coding teaching courses for children of young age. While courses at Tekkie Uni and CodaKid begin at the ages of 7-8, courses at CodeMonkey start from the age of 4 and range up to the ages of 14 and plus.

Starting with children at such a young age, CodeMonkey has seven courses starting from the very basics to the advanced levels of coding. Like CodaKid, CodeMonkey also has self-paced courses, which means that no live instructor will be present to guide the children through any obstacles they may face. Once again, similar to CodaKid, this absence of a live teacher can be a downside for many students who will ultimately require the constant presence of an instructor.

Yes, learning Python for a kid is possible

So, which one of these websites will be the best for a kid or a teen to learn Python from? While all three of them offer courses that can be said to be similar for they all have game-based interactive learning, which caters to both kids and teens, they can still be weighed in terms of their pros and cons.

Both CodaKid and CodeMonkey fall behind in the aspect of the presence of a live instructor when compared with Tekkie Uni. Even though these courses are game-based, children will still require constant presence of a teacher who will guide them through any obstacles they face. Apart from the facility of a live teacher, Tekkie Uni, unlike the self-paced courses, ensures an actual classroom-like environment for the children, which is greatly advantageous for their personalities which are still developing.

While all three of these websites ensure quality and interactive teaching of coding and its languages through their courses spanning over a wide range of appropriate lessons, Tekkie Uni, however, seems to be the top-ranking option for a child with greater pros.


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