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VeVe by ECOMI is a premium licensed digital collectibles marketplace with an app. ECOMI is a legitimate corporation with a functioning NFT market.

By using VeVe, users can get digital treasures, modify and display them in virtual showrooms, and purchase, sell, or trade collectibles with other VeVe users. Gems are used as currency for sales in VeVe’s marketplace.

VeVe is a continually changing ecosystem, and there are a lot of new features in the works that will help its users. Furthermore, you can shoot a photo with your favorite collectibles using VeVe’s Augmented Reality.

You can also scan your surroundings with their AR technology and then touch your phone to drop your digital collectible on any flat surface. Additionally, you can then move, rotate, and resize your items before sending them to family and friends or posting pictures on social media.

On the other hand, users can use VeVe’s secondary market to estimate the worth of their collectibles, acquire ones they might have missed out on, or sell ones they already have.

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About VeVe

ECOMI, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency business, invented VeVe. The OMI token is the cryptocurrency on which the ECOMI ecosystem is built.

However, in order to make VeVe more user-friendly and familiar to non-crypto users, and to avoid OMI price volatility, ECOMI opted to employ an in-app currency known as gems in the VeVe app.

Users would have a better experience if they had gems for conversion or a better way for minting NFTs through a raffle system. Without any doubt, in the NFT community, VeVe will continue to make waves.

Furthermore, VeVe diamonds are stable coins because their value will always equal one US dollar. The best part about VeVe is that it makes purchasing NFTs incredibly simple.

Rather than buying cryptocurrencies on an exchange and transferring it to a web wallet, you may simply buy gems. VeVe’s in-app currency, and use them to buy NFTs in the VeVe app.

If you have enough gems in your account, you can purchase any NFT you see in VeVe if you have enough gems. Moreover, users can freely transfer gems to other users if they have an Android device. However, this feature is not accessible on Apple devices.

NFTs are not only for collectors; they’re also proving to be great fundraisers for a range of causes, including environmental protection.

VeVe has announced ambitions to become the first carbon-neutral NFT platform, starting with a pledge to offset 100% of the carbon footprint created by NFT minting, offsetting the environmental effect of distributed ledger technology.

VeVe will begin by acquiring carbon credits equivalent to the amount of CO2 used in the production of NFTs to offset its carbon footprint.

Benefits of VeVe

VeVe is an app-based marketplace for buying NFTs that can be found on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Moreover, VeVe is a fascinating marketplace that has expanded tremendously from a group of 20k members in September 2021 to 100k members in January 2022 on Discord. Following are the benefits of choosing VeVe:

  • VeVe app is easy to use. You will not have any issue purchasing gems and waiting for NFTs to drop, or purchasing NFTs from the marketplace.
  • Scams are common in the NFT market. However, because VeVe is centralized within its own app, you are secure from scams.
  • You must pay gas in addition to the price of the NFT you wish to acquire when purchasing an Ethereum.
  • There are no gas expenses to worry about with VeVe because all purchases are completed in the app using gems.
  • Some of VeVe’s NFT drops are as low as $6. Additionally, most of the classic Disney Golden Moments NFTs are only 60 gems.

How To Get a Bot For VeVe?

Over the last year, the usage of non-fungible tokens (NFT) has exploded in the art world, and other industries such as entertainment, media, and, sports have adopted them as income generators.

The VeVe app currently has over 1.9 million active monthly users, and the platform’s growth and popularity have been fantastic. Bots, auto clickers, emulators, and scripts are utilized to work on all digital sales platforms.

Automated VeVe bots have made this new revenue model more lucrative for artists and businesses. These bots are not new but have just recently spread to the blockchain.

VeVe bots monitor the market in real-time and trade on your behalf. They operate 24/7 so you can continue to make revenue. This provides you an advantage over other investors since it allows the bot to profit on your behalf.

Wrap Up

VeVe has developed some incredible collaborations with incredible businesses, one of which is Disney. It also makes purchasing NFTs as simple as downloading an app.

Thousands of individuals have lately joined the VeVe ecosystem as a result of its easy-to-use platform. However, some individuals may be irritated by the fact that VeVe gems cannot yet be redeemed for actual money.
VeVe believes in providing the highest security standards in order to secure your digital assets and save you from unethical and criminal users.

This app makes it simple to purchase an NFT on the marketplace. By browsing the numerous NFT collections on the app, selecting the one you prefer, then clicking “Buy Now” if you agree with the price listed.
You can also contact the vendor by leaving a comment on one of their platform articles. You can agree on a price outside of VeVe and make a transfer to the seller using whatever payment method.

With the growing number of individuals trading cryptocurrencies on VeVe, a slew of new VeVe bots have emerged to help investors save time and money.

VeVe bots can buy cryptocurrencies for you like an automated bot. The powerful algorithms of Veve bots will monitor the markets for feasible trade opportunities.

The trading techniques developed by VeVe bots are incredibly efficient and can evaluate markets considerably faster. As a result, trading opportunities are found at the ideal time, giving you higher levels of profitability.


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