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Mr. and Mrs. Frank Greiner, Jr.,owners of Greiner Industries pledge a $1 million match
for a campaign to purchase the Armory property from the City of Lancaster.

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OUR Purpose

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology offers associate degrees and certificates in technical education programs to academically qualified students for skilled employment in a diverse, ever changing workforce and for full, effective participation as citizens of the community, the Commonwealth, and the nation. Committed for over a century to lifelong learning, inclusiveness, and community outreach, Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology dedicates itself to the development of Pennsylvania’s technical workforce.

Today, there is a tremendous need for a Technical Training Center to double the Machine Tool and Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Metals Fabrication & Welding Technology programs at Stevens.

As we continue as the Top Two-Year College in Pennsylvania with a focus toward student achievement and success, the purpose of this campaign is to provide an opportunity to many more students to change the circumstances of their lives and become productive citizens. Simultaneously we look to increase the number of skilled graduates who are desperately needed by employers.

Campus Design #1
OUR Challenge

Stevens has an enormous but doable challenge to raise funds 
for the acquisition of the former National Guard Armory from the City of Lancaster, which is no more than a few blocks from the main campus. The Armory facility and property carries a $3 million price tag. The College currently has a $1 million commitment from the State and a $1 million matching pledge from Sharon and Frank Greiner, Jr. This match provides an opportunity to double your gift.
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The initial phase of the campaign goal is to raise the funds 
necessary to purchase the former National Guard Armory so renovations can be made to the existing building. This building will become a Technical Training Center for our Machine Tool and Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Metals Fabrication & Welding Technology programs. Upon completion each facility will be equipped with innovative equipment for hands-on training, which will allow many more students to be accepted into these programs, thus providing employers with a larger pool of highly skilled candidates to meet their needs.

OUR Vision

After the immediate need for expansion of the Machine Tool 
and Computer-Aided Manufacturing and Metals Fabrication & Welding Technology programs is realized, it is anticipated that the property will become home to a Community Learning Center, as well as future laboratories.

For us to accomplish our vision and plan, we need partners who commit to this campaign.
Below are ways you can contribute to our new facility.

Pledge: Commitments to the campaign will be made by a written pledge. Pledging covers a period of up to five years to be paid in installments. Verbal pledges will not be counted.

Cash: Cash gifts are made in the form of a check payable to Thaddeus Stevens Foundation.

Securities: Securities will be credited to the donor at their mean value between the high and low on the day they were hand delivered, mailed (date of postmark) or transferred in negotiable form to Thaddeus Stevens Foundation. Neither losses nor gains realized by Thaddeus Stevens Foundation after delivery will affect the value credited. Thaddeus Stevens Foundation will incur the brokerage fees as operating expenses.

Credit Cards: Credit card donations may be made via the pledge card or on our website at

Real Estate or Personal Property: Major gifts of real estate and personal property will be credited at fair market value placed upon them by an independent appraiser, usually contracted and paid by the donor.

Donations may be sent to:
The Thaddeus Stevens Foundation
Technical Training Center Campaign
740 East End Drive
Lancaster, PA 17602-3714

or you can donate online
by clicking here.