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The Philip Philip and Elizabeth Mitchell Archives

/files/Site Images/Library/Philip P Mitchell/mitchells.gifPhilip Philip and Elizabeth Mitchell donated the funds to provide for an archive space in the LRC, when the library was built in the mid 1990s. It is through their generosity that this space was created. Mr. Mitchell graduated from Stevens in 1938. While here he majored in Electrical Technology. Mr. Mitchell became a successful businessman in Atlanta, GA. He has named the library as a beneficiary of his estate.  The college is very grateful for Mr. Mitchell’s continued support over the years. 


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Thaddeus Stevens born April 4, 1792 died August 11, 1868.

Stevens was a lawyer, US Congressmen, Pennsylvania Congressmen,  abolitionist, businessman, orator, and philanthropist. After an impassioned speech in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 1835 in support of the Free School Bill the legislation was passed and Stevens became known as the Savior of Free Public Education in Pennsylvania.

An ardent abolitionist Stevens was the framer of the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments which serves as the basis for all civil rights legislation.  The 13th amendment ended slavery in all states. During the Civil War and Reconstruction Stevens was

the most powerful congressman in the capitol.                                                                                         April 4, 1792
                                                                                                                                                                        August 11, 1868


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Dedication of LRC, April, 1996


The Philip Philip and Elizabeth Mitchell Archives houses both memorabilia and ephemera of both Congressman Thaddeus Stevens and Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology. There are furnishings from Congressman Stevens' home, and letters, newspapers and personal items. Additionally we have the college’s yearbooks, diplomas, and various artifacts.



 /files/Site Images/Library/Philip P Mitchell/TSboots.jpg             /files/Site Images/Library/Philip P Mitchell/Yearbook etc.jpg            /files/Site Images/Library/Philip P Mitchell/TS Office Chair.jpg

          Thaddeus Stevens' Boots                                   1913 Yearbook & Ephemera                                Thaddeus Stevens Office Chair


The archives are open during the library’s hours of operation provided a staff person is available to accompany visitors.  
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