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Welcome to the Kenneth W. Schuler
Learning Resources Center

The Kenneth W. Schuler Learning Resources Center is open to all members of the College Community. Its mission is to supply the information, resources and services necessary to support the educational mission of the College. The library provides access to traditional resources in the LRC facility during posted operating hours and offers access to a variety of electronic formats.

This site is designed to provide a point of access to the resources in the Schuler LRC and to resources available on and through the internet. Our goal is to help you find the information you need at a time and place that's convenient for you. Our promise is to help you understand when information is needed, recognize where it is, and master methods to retrieve it.

The resources presented here are used every day in business and industry. Your ability to extract information, organize it, and present it in the proper format will add to your value as an employee. We are here to help you!

Library Photos
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Circulation Desk - Brenda Smith
and student

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           Aerial View of Circulation Desk

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Display Area - Main Level

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Book Stacks Level 3F

       /files/Site Images/Library/Library Pictures/5.jpg
Periodicals - Main Level

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Computer Lab Level 2R

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Study Area - Adjacent to Book
Stacks Level 3F

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         Mezzanine Lounge Level 2M

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View of Stacks from Level 3F

            /files/Site Images/Library/Library Pictures/10.jpg
             View of Campus from Level 3F