The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Mentoring
The Multicultural Center is a safe haven for all students and provides them with a genuine environment that celebrates diversity and fosters cultural support mechanisms for these students. The Office of Multicultural Affairs seeks to provide ALANA (African, Latino, Asian, and Native American) students with an environment that is conducive for learning and celebrating cultures among themselves and the greater student body.

The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Mentoring focuses on providing activities that promote cultural awareness and diversity. The activities include but are not limited to hosting nationally renowned speakers; ethnic movie nights; maintaining partnerships with local colleges and universities; attending ethnic conferences, theatricals, and concerts; administering mentoring programs and leadership workshops, as well as seminars that are directed toward the professional development of students and staff.

The Multicultural Center is housed on the third floor of the Schwalm Student Center and provides a comfortable space where students and staff are free to display their cultural distinctiveness without major distraction. The Multicultural Center is a place where everybody is somebody.

The Women’s Center
The Women’s Center at Stevens seeks to empower women to achieve their highest personal and career potential. The Center is both a campus and community support network for women in nontraditional fields. It supplies valuable job market information specific to women’s representation in the workforce. Furnishing women at Stevens with a strong support network and the tools to be successful, the Center is a comfortable area, ideal for studying, learning, and socializing.

Among the activities sponsored by the Women’s Center include monthly discussion groups, the Women’s Mentoring Program, featured speakers, monthly film series, an e-mail discussion group, Women’s History Month events, and career exploration activities for young women.

The Women’s Center offers a place of solitude for reading and doing homework; a library of feminist and women’s history books; computers with Internet/e-mail access; a VCR and television; a small kitchen; a forum for group discussions, meetings, and workshops; and research sources on career information and employers.

Human Relations Committee
The purpose of this committee is to provide a positive forum through which issues of diversity, cultural sensitivity, and human relations are recognized, understood, and observed by all members of the Stevens community. The committee works with various constituencies and organizations on campus to promote communication, equity, and acceptance of diverse groups. The committee identifies and coordinates educational and training opportunities for students and staff.

The committee provides a confidential forum for individuals to discuss concerns that may be of a discriminatory nature. The committee serves as a recommending body with respect to diversity issues in specific cases or for the campus community in general. Committee membership is drawn from all groups representing the Stevens community.