Metals Fabrication & Welding Technology Program Objectives


A graduate of this program should be able to:
Demonstrate the ability to perform technical work related to welding, structural
      steel fabrication, sheet metal and plate fabrication, applying OSHA and industry
      standards to work safely in the shop and on the job site.
Apply concepts of geometry, trigonometry and physics to develop, layout, fit and
      weld various fittings, structures, and systems associated with industrial and
      commercial metals fabrication/welding technology.
Identify and demonstrate correct use of various hand and power tools used in the
      fabrication industry.
Demonstrate the ability to develop and interpret blueprints using accepted
      practices of orthographic projection.
   • Determine set-up effectiveness of shop equipment and develop methods of
      manufacturing various products.
Keep accurate records of project work, time expended, materials used and costs
      incurred associated with a given job.
Comprehend business practices related to the Metals Fabrication/Welding
      Technology industry.
Estimate the costs associated with the design, fabrication and installation of
      various structural, sheet metal or maintenance projects.
Demonstrate basic oral communication skills, speak logically and use various types
      of oral and written communication techniques to promote good business
      relationships, to develop leadership, and to establish good employer, customer,
      and employee relationships.
Demonstrate competency in the simple, parallel line, radial line, and triangulation
      methods of layout to develop elbows, transitions, and tees in both round and
      rectangular forms.
• Understand industry standards of quality.
Demonstrate the ability to choose the proper materials, fabrication, and welding
      procedures for given projects.
Be prepared to accept the challenges and responsibilities of the metals
      fabrication/welding technology industry, knowing the full range of employment and
      advancement possibilities.