Machine Tool & Computer-Aided Manufacturing
Program Objectives

A graduate of this program should be able to:

  • Demonstrate safe work habits and be conscious of safety when working with machinery.
  • Read blueprints, interpret drawings, understand specifications, and establish tolerances.
  • Apply mathematics in the machine tool technology (speeds, feeds, thread measurement, sinebar, etc.)
  • Apply the principles of physics and metallurgy to the science of heat treatment operations, including hardening of steel, carburizing, case hardening, tempering, and annealing.
  • Operate basic machine tools and demonstrate knowledge of their construction in relation to the metal industry.
  • Demonstrate skills on computer numerical control machines, and in digital readout.
  • Operate abrasive cutting machinery; select and plan machining operations on this equipment.
  • Demonstrate skills in quality control, inspection, gauging methods, and production control as they relate to manufacturing design and production.
  • Demonstrate basic oral communications skills, speak logically, and use various types of oral and written communication techniques to promote good business relationships, to develop leadership, and to establish good employer-employee relationships.
  • Demonstrate understanding of CAD/CAM programs for part design and generation of CNC code.