Grants and Scholarships

Pennsylvania State Grant

Grants are provided by the commonwealth of Pennsylvania to residents of the State. To be eligible for a PHEAA  State Grant students submit the FAFSA by May 1st of each year. Awards are re-evaluated each year on the basis of continued need, academic progress and at least half-time enrollment (six credits per semester). Students that are enrolled in remedial courses may be eligible based on the number of regular credits vs. remedial credits.  Once the FAFSA is completed, PHEAA receives that information and will begin to review student eligibility.  They usually will require additional information to determine eligibility.  This information is sent out via email or mail.  Students may track their State Grant eligibility by creating an account at

Federal Pell Grant

Federal Pell Grants are determined by the Department of Education based upon demonstrated financial need and full or part-time enrollment at Thaddeus Stevens College. To apply for the Grant, students must complete the FAFSA.  Our priority deadline is April 1st of each year.  Once the College receives the information, we will begin to process your application to ensure everything was completed accurately.  Sometimes students are selected for a random process by the Federal Government called Verification.  In these cases we are required to have the student submit certain information.  Once all information is received, students receive an award letter indicating the amount they are eligible for.

Stevens Grant

The Stevens Grant assists those students that are financially disadvantaged. To be eligible, students must complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by July 1st for the fall semester and November 1st for the spring semester.  All requested and required paperwork such as; verification paperwork, signatures on the FAFSA, discrepancy documentation, etc. must be completed by October 1st for the fall semester and February 1st for the spring semester. Our priority deadline is April 1st of each year. Those that qualify for the Federal Pell Grant will be awarded the Stevens Grant. Students may receive the Stevens Grant for a maximum of 4 semesters. Students that are admitted to the college in the pre-major program may receive the Stevens Grant for a maximum of 6 semesters. Students who qualify for the Pell Grant will still receive the Stevens Grant but will also have a loan in the amount of the students Expected Family Contribution (EFC). If a student's EFC is zero they will not need a loan to cover their costs.   Students are also required to provide PHEAA (the State Grant Agency) with any necessary paperwork that is requested to determine their State Grant eligibility.  Students that fail to follow up with PHEAA will have their Stevens Grant reduced by the maximum amount their State Grant could be.  For Resident students the grant will cover the remaining costs of Tuition, Room and a 7-day meal plan that is not covered by Pell, PHEAA, VA Assistance, any outside scholarships and the loan that is equal to their EFC. For Commuting students the grant will cover the remaining costs of Tuition and a 5-day meal plan that is not covered by Pell, PHEAA, VA Assistance, any outside scholarships and the loan that is equal to their EFC.

All Financial Aid that the student receives eg. Federal Pell Grant, PHEAA State Grant, EFC replacement Loans or any outside scholarship/grants will be applied to the student’s account first. The Stevens Grant will then cover any remaining charges. Students will also receive a $250.00 per semester book allowance. Students that receive the Stevens Grant will also receive money to cover the cost of their tools. Students are responsible for purchasing their tools and will later be issued a refund check as a reimbursement for the tools.  Students MUST have their tools the first day of class.  Refunds usually occur 1-2 months after the semester begins and all financial aid has been received and applied to students accounts. The amount that a student receives for his/her tools is an estimated amount provided by the faculty member of that program. 

Any student who receives the Stevens Grant must complete 10 hours of community service each semester they are receiving the grant.  If a student fails to achieve a 2.00 GPA during a semester they receive the Stevens Grant they will lose the grant for one semester and may have it reinstated once they have lost it for one semester.  Any student that does not abide by the College’s Code of Conduct is liable to lose the Stevens Grant for one semester.


If a student withdraws or is dismissed during the first 5 weeks of the semester their Stevens Grant will be prorated based upon the business office policy and refunds.  If a student leaves during the first two weeks they only are charged 20% of their costs.  Therefore, a student would only receive up to 20% of the Stevens Grant. If receiving 20% of the Stevens Grant would result in a refund the Stevens Grant would be reduced to zero the student out.  If a student leaves during the third week they are only charged 30% of their costs.  Therefore, a student would only receive up to 30% of the Stevens Grant. If receiving 30% of the Stevens Grant would result in a refund the Stevens Grant would be reduced to zero the student out.  The fourth week is 40% and the fifth week is 50%.  After the fifth week students are charged the full amount and receive the full amount of the Stevens Grant unless the Grant would create a refund.

Thaddeus Stevens Foundation Scholarships

The Thaddeus Stevens Foundation provides students with scholarships from outside donors each year.  Students may complete a scholarship application to apply for all of the available scholarships which they meet the criteria.  This form and the reference form may be downloaded below.  The awarding of Foundation Scholarships for the 2013-2014 academic year has closed.  Applications for the 2014-2015 academic year must be received by June 27, 2014  Decisions and notifications of scholarships will be made by the middle of August.

  • Foundation Scholarship Application
  • Foundation Scholarship  Reference Form 

    Outside Scholarships
    Students are encouraged to apply for scholarships from outside sources. The websites listed below are suggested in assisting students in searching for scholarships. Students that receive outside scholarships must notify the Financial Aid Office at Thaddeus Stevens. Receipt of an outside scholarship may change your award from Thaddeus Stevens. The Financial Aid Office is not responsible for these scholarships and the student should confirm with the scholarship sponsor any rules or requirements that may apply. The Financial Aid Office will complete any paperwork required to assist in the follow-up process. 

    Places to inquire about possbile scholarships:

    • High School Guidance Office
    • Workplace of parent or student
    • Churches and religious organizations with which the family has association
    • Civic, charitable, and service orgs (Rotary Club, Lions Club, Elks, etc.)
    • Local Chamber of Commerce
    • Local newspapers (check the business and community service sections)
    • Public Library – Books such as The scholarship Book, Peterson’s Guide, Barron’s Guide to Colleges and Universities, etc.
    • Military – If student or parent served in the military
    • Brand name products such as Pepsi, Coca Cola, Tylenol (do a web search)
    • Some of the same lenders who make student loans also offer scholarships
    • Geography – city, county, region you live in
    • Internet

    Procedures to consider in your search for private scholarships:
    Get an early start!  Deadlines for consideration may be as early as January for the upcoming fall semester.  Be wary of scholarship search services that charge a fee.  Even if they guarantee results “or your money back” experience has taught many families that the results are often negligible and that it is difficult, if not impossible, to get a refund.  Most likely, the search service uses one of the databases below that you can tap into on your own for free.

    The Financial Aid Office of Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is not responsible for the content of any of the below websites. We provide them for reference only.


    Ray S. Shoemaker Scholarship-This scholars is for Harrisburg City Schools and surrounding districts.


    Dollars for Scholars-This organization assists students in certain areas of Pennsylvania achieve their education pursuit by providing Financial Aid.


    Fastweb-This website allows you to search for scholarships.


    FinAid-This website allows you to search for unusual scholarships.


    College Board- This website allows you to search for scholarships.


    Kids Chance of PA-This website allows students to apply for scholarships if a parent was injured or killed in a work related accident.


    American Welding Society-This website allows students to search for scholarships in the welding industry.


    Print and Graphics Foundation-This website allows students to search for scholarships in the graphics and printing industry.


    Hispanic Scholarship Fund-This website allows Hispanic students to search for scholarships.


    AmeriCorps-This website allows individuals that have partcipated in this program to apply for their award.